Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"I'm Letting It Come To Me"

August has started off good for me training wise. I am more focused than ever before and really sticking to my training plan. Three weeks ago, I would have said I some serious concerns about my HIM fitness, but I think I have made a break through that has helped me.

Mentally, I have learned to let things come to me. I think before I was always trying to push it, trying to be fast no matter what. Lately I have been letting things come to me, and by that, I mean I am being more patient. I know that might sound contradictory when you are talking about a race, but I know I can't force myself to have speed. I have other things to focus on, such as technique and form.

This sort of came to me when I was really wondering if I was a better trainer or racer. It really seems like I was having trouble this season getting all segments to come together. Great swim, bad bike, decent run...ok swim, great bike bad run, or great swim, great bike, horrible run. I am still not sure if it is a mental thing or what, but I am feeling better about it. And, it all started after I decided to let things come to me, slowly building speed.

It is getting to crunch time for Branson. My mileage is getting more and more on each discipline, which means I have been getting up around 5 AM in order to get it all in. It really is not that bad actually, I just have to get upright. That is the tough part. I should have my first 20 mile week running this week, including a 5 mile race on Sunday, and then it is a recovery week.


  1. Wise words--I definitely need to let things come to me to. Thanks for sharing!

    Branson is going to be awesome! I biked the course this past Sunday. So fun!

  2. I like this post - you seem like you're in a very good state mentally and are going to nail this race! :)


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