Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm Rambling again...

  • Branson is just around the corner it seems. Time to start amping things up, but it is hard to do in this heat.

  • I love the new ride. My bike is awesome. All this time I thought it was a she, but really, he is a he. I am kicking around a few names for him, and I am leaning to naming him HBK, for the Heartbreak Kid.

  • 4th of July celebrations seem to all happen on the 2nd or 3rd of July nowadays.

  • Finding Bigfoot and Whale Wars are my can't miss shows.

  • On my iPod, I put 4 cheesy tunes on my iPod the other day. (So cheesy, that I will not mention them) Whenever these songs come on, I have to amp up my pace for these songs (I stay on shuffle mode) and they usually come on at the worst time.

  • My road race series starts Sunday. I am using this series to help me prepare for the run at Branson and also to help me train for the Memphis marathon in December.

  • I am now addicted to Words with Friends, but do not ask me to play because I use the internet to help me.

  • I have also been jonseing for chocolate milk lately.

  • True Blood has gotten really weird this season.

  • I bought a power balance band a few weeks ago at a flea market and I have not fallen over once since.

  • I have found out that lately, a tennis ball is my best friend.

Well, that's about it for the ramblings. I have been hitting the training harder because I feel behind after not having a bike for over a month. I have been concentrating more on the bike and run portion of my training. I have a 5k this Sunday and then next weekend I have a sprint triathlon, so July will be fun. I will take these races seriously, but my main focus is Branson,and all these races are to help me with Branson. I will be ready, and thankfully I know my wife is supporting me bigtime, I know she wants me to finish Branson this time as much as I do. She is signed up to do a triathlon geared for beginners this year around Labor Day, so it will be great to help her train and get ready, so that will be very exciting to support her.


  1. We always talk about lifting, jumping, skating and sprinting together on a regular basis, however part of your training needs to be shooting/stickhandling pucks. You need to spend time daily with a stick and a puck.

  2. In Memphis, we don;t really know hockey, it's way too hot for hockey~


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