Saturday, July 9, 2011

Busy July!

Things are going great here in Daily Trainings land. My training has picked up and I am back on my training plan. It was really hard to stay focused without a bike. I really enjoy riding “HBK” and I do not dread the rides like I used too. I am still spending a lot of time on the trainer, but due to my schedule, it is just hard to get out. This week is a bike focus week, which has me riding 3 straight days, so I think my goal mileage of 160 will be broken, it may be more like 200+ miles, which is fine with me. I know Branson has the hardest bike course out of any half Ironman course, which means I need every mile I can.

It seems weird to say this, but I have cut the number of swims I am doing in a week’s time, but I feel like my swim is getting stronger. I am only swimming twice a week now, one at the pool, one at the lake, and I just feel stronger.

My running is going well also. This Memphis heat makes it hard, but I am getting it done. I am also looking to beat my 40 mile goal for July. Tomorrow I am starting my Memphis Road Race Series with a 5K. It has been a long time since I have raced a stand alone 5K, so I am really not sure what to expect or where I expect to finish. I am really using this series as a way to prepare for the marathon I want to finish in Dec. This series should help. In July, we have 2 5k races, Aug has 2 5 milers, Sept has 2 10k’s, Oct has 2 10 milers and Nov has 2 half marathons. So it sounds like a good training plan to me.

Another good thing about July is that my bride has signed up for her first triathlon! It is a
non competitive triathlon that a friend throws every year. She has been working hard and the other night we went out and ran together. We both jogged and I pushed baby Jesse in the stroller. We were that couple people hate to see! LOL!! She is also going to participate in a women’s running group this summer to help her prepare. Very exciting over here!

I will post my results from the 5k tomorrow. It kicks off at 7AM and I have to finish in time to be at church by 9 AM!

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  1. When you know you are about to enter very busy weekdays, you miss those times where you were almost feeling useless because you have nothing to do with your life.


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