Thursday, July 14, 2011

I love Packet Pickup Day.

One of the best parts of training for a race in my opinion is packet pickup day. To me it kind of lets me know that training is over and now it is time to race. I am always interested in my race number. I have a goal to always come in better than my number, so sometimes it is a breeze, but other times it can make me push it. This Saturday is the mighty Mite Sprint Triathlon, one of the oldest triathlons in the country (they say). This is a point to point race, and typically it is a good race for me.

Packet pickup is very exciting. You have the regulars that I usually see at races, and you have first timers as well. You also have people there that will be sizing other athletes up as they get their packet. I learned long ago to not judge someone by the they the look, cause I have been beat my old fat guys and I have smoked lean in shape dudes, so you just never know.

In the bag, here is what you usually get:

  1. Race number

  2. Bike number

  3. swim cap

  4. safety pins for number

  5. a gel flavor that they can't get ride of (Montana Huckleberry??)

  6. 4000 flyers for other races

I always have such high hopes for the swag, but it is always the same. Usually the shirt is like the 15 other triathlon shirts I have that I end up giving to my wife. I have a drawer full of mocha, tangerine and no Montana huckleberry gels that I will never taste again, and I have a ton of saftey pins. I know this is what the bag will consist of, but I am always hopeful and I always look forward to getting the swag bag.

The best swag ever I got from a race was from the Gearhead Sprint Tri. They gave a tech shirt, T-shirt and running hat in the bag. It rocked and I still wear those shirts today! I know it is hard trying to please everyone, but at least make an effort. At least print the race on the swim cap, that's something we can keep and reuse!

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