Tuesday, June 21, 2011

RIP Canny Dale

It has been almost 4 weeks since I last saw her. I and many of my friends have searched for her as well. Online sites, pawn shops, garages, everywhere we can think of, but yet she's gone, taken against her will by some unknown coward. So it is time to say goodbye to my old bike. I first met her back in 2009. She was a young bike, had not been ridden much, or even raced for that matter, so we were a match. We spent many a night riding on the trainer, not going anywhere, but we were getting somewhere just the same. We had a lot of good times. Yes, there were issues we had. Branson comes to mind, and you all know that story, so I will not dwell on it, I think we both can take some blame for that, but I prefer to think of the good rides, the fast rides we had. Her official name was Cannondale CAAD3 R15, but I affectionately called her "Canny Dale". She taught me a lot about racing those short two years we had together, and although I may never know what happened to her, or who grabbed her off the back wall of my garage, she will not be forgotten. I know I will keep a watchful eye out at future races just in case. I think it is time to bid her farewell.




  1. Taken well before her time. She was so young and so much more life in her.

    You'll meet again on the other side :)

  2. ...just remember all the good times!

    Sooooooo .... you've been holding out on us dude. What is the new ride going to be??? Need us some bike porn!!!


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