Monday, May 30, 2011

Sounds Simple Enough…

Memphis in May is well behind me and my next race is June 18th. My blisters are healing up and I have been back at it running and swimming. One thing I learned from the last race is that he run was .5 miles longer than the run should have been. That little tidbit of info makes me feel a little better about my run because I was extremely disappointed in it. One reason I was bummed about it was because I really felt like I had worked on my run. So, what do I do?

My answer? Run more

Before I go much further with my answer, I will say that I know I was on a new bike, and I average closed to 20mph during the race, so I am not sure that my bike fitness was the entire issue. I think it was more of a mental toughness issue, and that is not easy for me to type, but it's true. I have to get mentally tougher on the run portion of my races and the way I plan on doing that is to run more.

Currently I am running 3 days a week. 2 of my runs are usually in the 3-4 mile range and the 3rd run is in the 6-8 mile range, so roughly I am doing 12-14 miles a week and about 40+ miles a week. One guy told me about his plan of running everyday for a month and then he told me about the results he saw from this, so I am going to tweak it a bit. The extra runs are going to include brick sessions with about a mile run added. I have to get through that initial obstacle of running off the bike. I know on a stand alone run, I can do over 2 minute a mile pace better than after a bike. So technically, I am running more.

Let me know if you guys have any tips or plans I can work in. I want to be ready fro Ironman Branson in Sept. So I plan on running more.


Sounds simple doesn't it?

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