Friday, May 13, 2011

Memphis Flood 2011

I am sure you all may have heard about the flood of 2011 and how Memphis is under water. Well, I want to let you know that it is not as bad as the national news makes it out to be. Yes, there is a lot of damage, homes are flooded and people have been evacuated, but all of Memphis is not being effected by the flood. The majority of the effected areas are the parts that are close to the MS River or tributaries of it. So I am posting some pictures of the flooded areas to show you.

This is a picture of the bridge crossing into Arkansas.Notice the missing trees! The water along the MS swallowed up everything.

Notice the difference a day makes. The bottom picture is downtown Memphis, You can see the Pyramid in the background, and this is where Beale Street intersects with Riverfront St.

Crazy floods, and it will take some time for all the water to go away, but Memphis will survive.

Go Grizzlies!!!

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  1. Crazy stuff all this flooding along the Mississippi river. Glad to hear you guys are okay.


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