Saturday, March 26, 2011

Whatever Yo...

That has pretty much been my attitude this last week when it comes to training. I lost my mojo. I have been phoning it in. I have made alot of excuses for not training right lately and I am ready to turn it around.

This week was a rough week work wise, I had alot going on. I ate very badly also. The other morning I went to do my swim workout. I had it all planned out for like three days ahead of time, but when I got there, I had nothing. I actually was sitting on the side of the pool, with my feet hanging in the water contemplating whether or not I was going to jump in! My workout called for basically the same workout from my Master's class the previous week, minus the kicking and the pull buoy, so I was looking at about 40 laps.

I was so dreading this swim as I sat there, that I thought how stupid will I look if I just hop up and go back to the locker room without ever getting in the pool? In a way, I wouldn't have cared, would have just simply said "not gonna happen today" or "just don't have it" to anyone I thought may have been wondering why I was leaving. But no, I came here to swim, I have a great plan mapped out, and I am gonna swim I told myself, but I did not really believe that.

After a few minutes of sitting there with my feet dangling in the water, watching the other two swimmers complete lap after lap, I finally decided to jump in. I talked myself into just doing 10 laps. I know that on many, many runs, I have wanted to quit before that first mile, but I always know that for me the first mile is the toughest. So I started to swim my 10 laps. It seemed that I was stopping at the wall every 50 yards or so. No matter how I tried to change it up, I was still not into it. It was everything I could do to finish 10 laps.

I jumped out of the pool, showered and went on to work. There have been a couple other workouts I missed and a few I really struggled through this week. My first tri is 7 weeks away, so if you happen to see me, kick me in the butt and tell me to get to training!


  1. Just read your, "Some Days" post again. That should help!

  2. I had one of those swims last night. See you at MIM.


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