Tuesday, February 15, 2011

That Lit My Fire…

Today, between documenting cases and conference calls, I goggled over to the Ironman Branson website. They have totally revamped this site and it looks great. I was able to see the schedule for September already. They already had a list of participants, course maps, sponsors, and some really cool pictures.

While I was looking around the site, I stumbled to the results section from last year and found the search button to look for racers. I had always thought that if you did not finish a race, then you were not in their books anywhere, but I was wrong. So I put my race number (923) in the search, not expecting anything to pop up, but I was wrong. I saw where that had recorded my swim time and a couple sections of my bike leg. I was happy with the swim (39:44) and the bike leg was hard to remember because I could not remember exactly where the mats were placed. Seeing that for the first time really got to me. It really made me want to go back more than I thought I did. At first, I was going back to say I finished it, but seeing this really made me want to go back and race it.

It made me look forward to my run this afternoon and bike ride tonight. It made me want to get serious about my diet. It made me want to get a new bike. It made want to train. It made me want to register. It made me think of that phone call telling my wife to meet me at T2 last Sept. It lit a fire under me. Look out Branson, I am coming and I am coming back stronger and faster.


  1. yeeehaaw! Make sure to get some race wheels and a bunch of spare tubes!

  2. I'd say you are REALLY ready to kill it this time then, so go show that course who is boss this time.

  3. Look out Branson! You aren't going to know what hit you!

    Keep up the great training and keep that fire buring!


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