Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Real Reason I Hate the Treadmill

I really do not like to run on the treadmill normally, but due to the strange weather we have been having here in Memphis, I kind of had to turn to it to get my runs in. So, after doing a few treadmill runs, I have determined that maybe they aren't so bad when doing speed work. For some reason, I have found that it is much easier for me to do intervals on the treadmill than running outside. I have been using a plan to get ready for my Olympic triathlon in May, and some of the run have only been around 26-30 minutes long so far. So I have been doing a combination of running intervals for distance one run and the next I will do the intervals based off time. The last run I did was a steady run, trying to hold a pace to see how well these intervals have been helping, and I will tell you this, I felt pretty dang awesome until it happened…

I was cruising along, holding an 8 minute mile, 2.5 miles into my run when it happened. Now let me explain that I have not "run" since the Branson debacle, so for me to be able to hold that pace already has me feeling confident about my running. Anyways, back to my story. So there I am running hard, feeling good and looking pretty awesome too (they have mirrors in the cardio room, and yeah, sometimes I check out my form). My iPod was playing all the right songs. I do not think I shuffled it one time while I was running. I was working up a pretty good sweat, so I reached for my towel to wipe my face, and THAT is when it happened…

I accidently hit the emergency stop magnet, causing it to release from the treadmill and the dang treadmill stopped running, while I didn't. I went flying into the treadmill gut first. I am sure everyone heard me go "Uhh" as my midsection hits the front part that displays all the information.

I had forgotten about the emergency stop magnet thing that hangs on the side waiting for someone to pull it. I tend to hit this a lot while using a treadmill, and I always tell myself to be careful, but eventually, my guard is down and boom. Major stoppage!

I am so ready for Spring


  1. You know it is a crappy winter when Southerners like us are complaining about the winter. Usually I love this time of the year, not this year. I am getting ready to go to the gym for a TM run as more ice and sleet is falling.

    I'll try not to hit the emergency stop (-:

  2. I hit the emergency stop too. Annoying. Worse: When after 1:05, the treadmill just decided it was time for me to stop. It at least entered cool down mode so it was gradually, but I was irritated because I was all in my groove.

  3. As much as that sucked, you can now laugh about it, I have done it as well, ticks me off when it happens, your not alone


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