Monday, February 28, 2011

I Played “The Game”…

Here are some rambling thoughts I had this weekend:

  • The pool always dries out my kin, but I have found that the Dove for Men soap helps the best with my dry skin and the itching.
  • I always have to pee really bad after a swim.
  • Captain D's fish is not a good pre run food.
  • I really enjoyed my recovery week last week.
  • Daylight Savings starts on March 13th, which means more sunlight, which means warmer temps. I am just concerned about Global warming and how the extra amount of sunlight will effect Global warming.
  • Last couple of outdoor runs, I have had to play "the game". You know the game where you negotiate where you will keep running too? "I will run to that tree", then when you get to the tree, "I will run until I get to the 3rd mailbox" and so on.
  • I watched some of the Academy Awards last night and then realized I had not seen any of the movies, so I lost interest.
  • I think I am an Angry Birds addict.
  • Top TV shows for me right now are: Survivor, Amazing Race, Top Shot, Archer and Justified.
  • I am ready to get my bike outside on the road I think.
  • I went back to the #1 blade on my clippers when I cut my hair last time, it makes me feel faster.



  1. The Academy Awards were awful dude! I lost interest about 20mins into it and then started playing Angry Birds on the iPad.

    Got the #1 blade done myself. I told my wife it made me more aero!

  2. I'm hopeless addicted to Angry Birds as well. And Justified for that matter. I just started watching and went back to season 1 to catch up.

    Still too cold here to move to a #1 (or #2 for that matter). I'll get the aero look come racing season though.


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