Friday, February 25, 2011

I Got This Email The Other Day…

So I am skimming through my emails the other day, because I really do not read all of the emails that come my personal account (I read all the emails that come to the Daily Trainings email cause that takes like 30 seconds or so) and I see an email from the Ironman Branson account. So I open it up and read. My reactions are in red:

Branson 70.3 Athletes!

Well not really me, but I will finish that course, mark my words…

Are you wanting to swim in the crystal clear waters of Table Rock Lake again?

Yes, I am wanting to swim in crystal clear waters, that was a good swim…

Are you wanting revenge on the toughest 70.3 Bike Course on the circuit?

Man, do I! It is all I have been thinking about this winter. I want my revenge!!!!

Are you wanting that same sense of accomplishment after completing the toughest 70.3 in the U.S.?

I am not sure what this means

Then please accept this coupon code XXXXXXX for $50 off your 2011 entry into the Branson 70.3. Let the city of Branson show you the hospitality that has made them World Famous!

Excellent! It is a true sign that I was suppose to go back and get my revenge!

Thank you for racing in 2010...we look forward to seeing you again in 2011!

K SWISS IRONMAN 70.3 Branson

So there you have it. A sign that I am suppose to go back and compete. I would like to say that they are personally inviting me back and paying me $50 to come back! So how bout that??

P.S. If anyone wants the $50 off code, I will give it to you after I sign up.


  1. I would return for $50 off, nice treat from WTC, makes me wonder why?

  2. Wondering if they are having trouble feeling this one up? That bike course may have scared a lot of people away ... and it is in Branson.

    Heck, i'd do it to save $50. How far is that drive?

  3. $175 is all it costs gentlemen! Jeff it is about 5 hours from Memphis.

    And there is alot of stuff to do in Branson, so it is like a little vacation for the wife and kids.


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