Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Yes, it is exactly what you think it is.

Last night, my wife and I were doing our week 11 Chest and Back P90X workout. Since it is getting to the end, and we now know what we are doing, we can really go to the limits, or to put it in P90X terms, Bring It! Consider it Brought!

This workout consists of nothing but pushups and pull-ups for an hour. It is tough. Now I know what you are saying, any workout is as tough as you make it. I will give you that one, but this workout was intense because I brought it. I surpassed all my previous numbers (reps) and I was going hard.

After the last dive-bombers (which I hate, but also love at the same time), I always tell my wife that I feel a little queasy after this one workout (which is a good thing). This night, I went to a new level. This wasn't like a massive throw up type of intense workout, but it was the first time in a long time that I have thrown up after a workout. This let me know that I did indeed bring it.

Now my wife thinks it is weird for me to be proud of this, but I think a lot of you dudes will understand. It was a proud moment for me.


  1. Badass right there - Tony Horton would be proud!

  2. Dude you inspired me to hit up some Ab Ripper X. Wife and I had run club at 6pm and got to the gym at 5pm and ripped them out. We both almost puked a couple of times. It was awesome!

    I haven't done ARX in over a year and still had the workout memorized - it must had left an impression doing all those hundreds of times before! Feaking Fifer Scissors almost ended me!

  3. I have a proud memory in high school of winning a cross country race and then puking into some bushes as people came up to congratulate me. The accomplishment coupled with the puking was pretty badass.

  4. Finally a PUKIE award in the offseason. More then once Tony has left me bent over and feeling it.


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