Saturday, January 29, 2011

My First Blog Award & Acceptance Speech

This week I was the proud recipient of the Pukie Award given out by Big Daddy Diesel. BDD is great blogger and is really into endurance sports and I would bet that if you read Daily Trainings, then you probably already know about his blog. Anyways, please go over and check out his blog when you have time! Here is excerpt of my blog, which was deemed worthy of a Pukie:

Do you know how excited I was to learn there were 2 winners in the middle of the winter!!! This week it goes to:

JF from
Daily Trainings for "After the last dive-bombers (which I hate, but also love at the same time), I always tell my wife that I feel a little queasy after this one workout (which is a good thing). This night, I went to a new level. This wasn't like a massive throw up type of intense workout, but it was the first time in a long time that I have thrown up after a workout. This let me know that I did indeed bring it. Now my wife thinks it is weird for me to be proud of this, but I think a lot of you dudes will understand. It was a proud moment for me."

Now for my acceptance speech:

Wow, this is truly an honor I never expected. As you all know, we do not do triathlons for the notoriety, mainly because we just aren't that fast, we all do this for personal reasons. I love the competition I have with myself. I love the training and the racing. I also love the offseason. The offseason is where champions are made they say. I say that the offseason is there to remind us about just how bad of shape we are in and how we all use holidays as a scapegoat to not do anything. My wife and I started doingP90X as away to stay lean and mean through the offseason. It was tough, but I can say that we are some of the few people I know of that finished P90X.

I want to thank Tony Horton and for the challenge he gave me to"Bring IT!" Oh I brought it Tony Horton, I sure brought it!

I also want to thank my wife for pushing me to do more. I always had to punch my man-card and out do her. She also worked out with me and my wife has game when it comes to pushups and pull-ups! So I had to push it to out do my 123lb wife!

There are other people I could thank, but I read somewhere to not spend any time thanking the little people. So if I didn't mention you, well, guess which category you fall into!

I also want to thank my kids, even thought technically they are little, for going to bed when they were supposed to and not being worried about the grunts, groans and moans coming out of our room at night.


I also want to thank the inventor of the "dive-bombers", my favorites (not really, they suck)

And thanks to BDD for this award and to everyone that bothers to read this like I really have something important to say!


  1. Congrats again!!!

    I know how much it sucks to puke, at least this award makes it all seem better when it happens, almost a badge of honor, I should make a shirt or sticker for everyone that wins


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