Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's Over...

My pity party is over.

Today I was able to go outside and go swimming in the lake. This was literally the first attempt at exercise I have done since Branson. One issue has been my back (I tweaked it and it has been very sore lately, keeping me from running) and the other issue has been my lack of desire to do anything. I have been using this time to recover and let all those aches and pains heal. So, the desire to get back out and run has slowly been coming back to me.

I am still unsure about future races. Right now I am not looking towards anything really. Part of me wants to continue to do the smaller local sprint races and just be happy, but other parts of me wants to go back and kick Branson in the butt. I have been telling everyone that I have no idea about trying that race again next year, but I know it will eat at me.

Anyways, my plan is to take some time and run and bike for fun, to run when I want to run and when I don't want to run, I won't! I do not need to make any plans right now anyways! But when I decide, I will make sure I am committed and I will really go all out when I make "The Decision" (LeBron James reference there if you missed it!)

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  1. So you will soon be holding a press conference to announce your decision and all the proceeds will go to charity? hehe


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