Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I am Going To Brag...

on my two boys!

As you may or may not know, I have three boys. Jake (11), Jared (9) and Jesse is 21 months. Jesse is really too young to get into sports right away, but I can say that he does very well keeping up with his brothers. I know that I will have ample opportunity to brag on Jesse before I know it, but this post is sports related and both of my boys did something I will not forget.

Jared started playing soccer this fall. Now I never, ever played soccer and have to admit I do not really know the what the rules of soccer are except that you kick it hard and you do not use your hands. Now his team this year had a bunch of kids that were also new to soccer, so the game scores were a little lopsided at times, and we only scored two goals all season

One of those goals was scored by Jared! He was playing forward (new soccer term I learned) and was pushing the ball up the field, and a teammate was running besides him the whole way. I thought he was going to take the ball away from Jared, but Jared squared up on the ball and kicked it past he goalie for a GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

It was a very proud moment for the family! Great job J-Rod!!!

Now Jake, is playing tackle football this year. He is playing QB for the JV team and is doing really well. He started out playing flag football for 2 years before convincing mom he was ready for tackle ball.

Last Monday night, Jake was playing QB. He took the snap on a QB sneak, busted through the line, stiff armed the LB and headed down the sidelines. A Defensive back tried to tackle him, but Jake shook him off for his first touchdown ever! I could see the smile on his face from across the field!

It has been a very proud moment as a Dad with my boys. I hope they enjoy sports as much as I did as a child and as much as I do as an adult! I really enjoy watching my boys compete! Keep up the good work guys, Dad is proud of the both of you!

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