Thursday, September 2, 2010

17 Days and Counting

That's right, only 17 more days till my HIM in Branson. I am still concerned about the hills, but I have biked more this year than all of last year combined. I am close to surpassing last years running totals. I am confident in my swimming and I have a fairly good nutrition plan for the race. I start my taper very soon, so I am ready (I think).

The thing I am most looking forward to (cue the music to Chariots of Fire now) is crossing the finish line and knowing that the goal I set out to achieve over 8 months ago is a reality. I daydream about that feeling when I am getting tired on my runs, and I have played it over in my head many times. My wife says I can;t come across all wobbly or anything, but I have to come across strong, which is my plan.

I am excited. I'd say 80% excited, 15% nervous and 5% anxious. I will let everyone in blogland know my bib number so they can track me while I am racing, and even if you don't, don't tell me, it will give me even more reason to race hard knowing I am being held accountable!

I know I have not been visiting as many of the blogs I normally read here recently, but my focus has been on this race, so please forgive me. I will leave you with a video clip of a portion of the bike course. It looks like it will be fast in some parts and a quad-buster in others, but I will be able to say that I will have conquer thee race a lot of people stayed away from because of the bike course...Yeah I am looking at you!


  1. So soon, will keep my eyes open for you bib number!

    Also, I've selected you for an award! You can pick it up on my page.

  2. Yes I will be a stalk you

    That video is pretty cool. At least the roads look like they are in good condition -- should be fast and not beat you up too bad!

  3. Dude now is the time to focus. Get those key workouts in and just relax in your off time.


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