Sunday, May 2, 2010

It Didn't Happen For Me...

As you all know, I was scheduled to race on Sat May 1, 2010. Friday night, I prepared by bike ad bag and had the car loaded and gassed up. I had my alarm set for 4:30 AM and I was ready to race.

I woke at 4:25 AM, not to he sound of my alarm clock, but to the sound of the tornado sirens blaring. So I head downstairs to check the weatherman and see what's going on. Storms were heading our way, and when I say storms, I need a boat load of storms, it turned into an all day affair. The sirens went off a total of 21 times in the Memphis area on Sat. We lost power to our house at 5:40 AM, and it was not restored until 3:00 PM that day.

At one point, I thought I could still make it to the race if I left around 6 AM, but after the power went out, it made no sense for me to leave the wife and kids alone without power and more storms heading our way.

I was really bummed that I did not get to race. A friend of mine was sponsoring the race and I really wanted to support his shop, but there are some things more important than racing. I will definitely sign up to do this race next year, and hopefully weather will not be an issue.

I ended up doing a trainer ride while watching NASCAR until they interrupted the race to report on, you guessed it, more tornado activity. It was a bad day, but thankfully, we lost nothing but electricity for a few hours. Many people were flooded out of their homes and lost a lot of things. I did not hear if any deaths or injuries due to the weather, I am just thankful we were spared from the bad weather. PLease keep those less fortunte in your thoughts.


  1. Wow! That is scary. Glad it wasn't more serious but did see pictures on the news of all the flooding. We were supposed to head up to chattanooga but decided last minute on thursday to not risk it since the forecast was sketchy. Ended up that the 3s3m ride did not get rained out but it did rain later. Glad we stayed safe and dry at home.

  2. Scary...but sorry to hear you could not make it but MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL IS YOUR FAMILY SAFETY!!!

    Cheers from Hong Kong!

    "XTB" Xavi.

  3. That sucks James! I saw the weather yesterday and was wondering if you would be able to race. Did they end up cancelling it?

    Glad to hear you and yours made it through unscathed. When we had Hurricane Ike come through we were without power for like 8 days ... it was awful. I now have a generator if this ever occurs again.

    Any other local races coming up you could jump into?

  4. Scary stuff! Happy that you and your family are safe!

  5. That just sucks, but better to be safe and race again

  6. Hi James,
    I am sorry to hear about the terrible weather and no race day. Thank goodness no one was hurt. I agree with Big Daddy Diesel..better to be safe. Hang in there!


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