Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Tried To Win A Wetsuit...

Yep, you read it right. On FaceBook, MACCA (aka Chris McCormack) put together a competition in honor of the Escape From Alcatraz triathlon, a race he has won 4 times. It is the 30th anniversary of this race and he decided to do a wetsuit giveaway, since the water at this race is very chilly.

But wait, the deal gets better!


There will be only one winner and they will receive all of this:

1: Brand New Orca Wetsuit in your size and choice of suits
2: Orca T Shirt
3: Under Armour Retail Black Triathlon Race suit in your size
4: Brand new set of Sable Racing goggles/cap
5: Under Armour Compression Socks

MACCA will call the winner personally and make sure all the product you get is exactly what you want, in the colors you desire and the correct sizes. It is a triathlon package that is built for you.

Total Value: $1100 Dollars of Triathlon product sent to your doorstep. FREE!!

Very cool package deal! So, you may be asking yourself, how do you win it?? By putting together a YouTube video explaining why you need a new wetsuit and why the racing apparel would help you in 2010. So I decided to take a chance and post a video. At the time I did, there were only 5 entries, so I thought a 20% chance would be great odds for me. Since then, of course there have been maybe 20 entries or so. The winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon. I am not sure I have a shot at winning it, but it was kind of fun posting my first YouTube video, and even gave me the idea to do a video post sometime instead of typing it.

So without further adieu, prepare yourself for the "I Wanna New Wetsuit" video premier! No laughing to hard!

Well, MACCA has changed the rules on the wetsuit contest and it is now FaceBook vote. The person with the most likes clicked on their entry will win, so if ya have the time, goto MACCA on FaceBook, look for James Ford's entry and press like please. Thanks


  1. Hi James,
    You got my vote! I love your video:) The pictures are great and who can resist your charming southern accent!?! Give this man a new wetsuit please:) Good luck to you James!

  2. That was great!! I hope you win. The shirt you have on is funny and I almost spit out my coffee when you mentioned all the people before you who peed in that wetsuit. Grooooooos! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  3. that is great james! The pics in the zoot were hysterical. Here is to you winning the wetsuit!


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