Friday, February 26, 2010

Post #214

What a week I have had. 2 toilets fixed, 1 front end tie rod replaced, 1 water heater replaced and a garbage disposal that went on the fritz. That gave me a busy week, but wait, there's more. Also we had a 1 year old get the stomach flu who then in turned passed it to my wife and oldest son. Good times!

Luckily I have not gotten it, I already had this bug so I hope I am immune to it. So it was one heck of a week here.

I am tired of the Olympics already.

I am looking to buy some new running shoes, but since we still new to get the 3 boys their passports this week, it may have to wait.

Forecast calls for it to be sunny and a high of 52 this weekend. Please let that be true.

I have been hitting a new strength workout lately. "The 21" It starts off with 20 push ups and 1 crunch, then 19 push ups and 2 crunches, 18 and 3, 17 and 4 etc... So far it is a tough workout, when all is said and done you end up doing something like 210 push ups and sit ups. This usually takes me about 15 minutes.

I am really feeling optimistic about my training this month. I had good totals on the bike and running (more of that in a later post, still have a swim and a run to get in before totals are final)

Earlier this week, I emailed the RD of the 1/2 Marathon I am doing in March to ask him if it was iPod legal. He replied back that is was iPod legal but was my responsibility to watch out for other runners. I like running with my iPod, but I have NEVER raced with it, so I am torn on whether or not I should use it. On one hand, I always think that people using their iPods are racing just for the heck of it. (I know, totally an elitist point of view form me). I also think that it would really helped me on the miles. Not sure what I will do. What would you guys do?


  1. "Forecast calls for it to be sunny and a high of 52 this weekend"


  2. Personally, I do not race with the iPod. Only for training. Many of my friends (and wife) disagree and race with them. I just like to be alert and not distracted in large groups of people. But if you need it to find your groove than so be it!

    Let me know what you think of the H20 Audio ... just used mine for the first time a couple of hours ago ... it was pretty cool.

  3. During my Chicago marathon. I brought my ipod because it was legal...but there was so much FUN & EXCITEMENT going on in the crowd, the fans, the music...I only used it during the "slow" parts (which was only near mile 16 but I REALLY needed it. I would bring it and if you don't use big deal.
    NOW..during my St. George marathon. I NEEDED it...the whole way! There were not as many fans lined up along the streets and many times I felt alone. I needed the extra PUSH from my music and was sooooo HAPPY I had it!


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