Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan 31

Today, between running kids to birthday parties, I was able to get in a 4.5 mile run. I had to go to the gym becasue alot of the roads were still icy and did not want to risk me wiping out. It was a fairly good run.

Mile 1 9:06
Mile 2 8:34
Mile 3 8:12
Mile 4 7:40 with a half mile cool down.

As always though, there is always something that strikes you when you go to the gym, and this time it is cell phone usage. Now my gym has no posted rules regarding cell phone usage, so it is what it is. But this guy walks in chatting on his phone looking for a treadmill, he finally gets on one and concludes his call. 5 minutes later, this guy s dialing his phone and then he starts chatting, loudly, about his weekend. It sounded like a boring weekend also, but I digress.

Now I really am not one of those people who judge others efforts at the gym. You never know who is rehabing, coming back from illness, starting a new workout or what, so the intensity is not that important to me. But I hate to see someone taking up a spot and just chatting. I doubt that I would ever say anything to them, but that is another reason I started this litle blog, so I can bitch about whatever I want!

Now before anyone gets all crazy on me, I understand that people need their phone to be around in case they get called by work or an emergency. I get that, but I do not get someone making a personal call and trying to workout, and I do not want to hear his conversation. Anyways, dude lasted about another 5 minutes before he left and went to another part of the gym.

I left a "no cell phone policy" suggestion in the suggestion box. I doubt it will change anything, but I tried.

Anyways, tomorrow is my 13th wedding anniversary, so more on that tomorrow!

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  1. I hate cell phones in the gym. The best (/sarcasm on) is when you are waiting for a machine or particular bench and someone is there hanging all over it and chatting away. There is a difference between someone taking their time and someone who ignores everyone else.

    If you need a place to sit, use a chair...


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