Monday, November 2, 2009

Ocotber's Totals

October's totals:
Bike: 45m - 13 Mi
Run: 4h 41m 48s - 30.6 Mi
Swim: 4h 30m 39s - 8.06 Mi

2009 totals
Bike: 40h 22m 36s - 776.99 Mi
Run: 41h 28m 59s - 278.81 Mi
Swim: 42h 53m 07s - 77.15 Mi

Well, October was not that great a month as far as mileage goes. the bike really took a hit, and I suspect that it will stay low for the next couple of months while I focus on my running. The swimming also slowed down some as I am only swimming 2 days a week now, again to focus on my running. I missed beating last months running mileage because I have to remember that this is my hobby and sometimes other things have to come first. I am really focusing on the half marathon in Mar, but just today I signed up to run the Turkey Trot 4 miler on Thanksgiving, which should be fun and gives me something to look forward to that is closer than late March!

I am hoping to hit 60 miles this month!

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  1. Nice work man. Looks like you were a little too optimistic when you suggested that I would beat your running totals for '09. But, that does remind me, I need to update for today!


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