Monday, October 19, 2009

It's gotta be the Shoes, Money!

Well, I made another discovery tonight while running. Jake had basketball practice, so I thought this is a great time to squeeze in a 3 mile run while he practices and I can still watch the practice (BBC has an indoor track). So I took off running, had a little concern about the feet, cause they have been a little sore, but after the first mile, I felt great. After mile 2, nothing noticeable. Mile 3, awesome.

Then it hit me. I had on different shoes. I wore my Asics to run in tonight, instead of my Nikes I have been using the last year or so. I still used my orthotics, but the feet felt good.

So, that made me think, how many miles are on those Nikes. One of the features on is call ed equipment tracker. All you do is add your equipment (shoes, bikes, goggles, swimsuit, etc...) and then you check it off when you log a workout and it will tell you how many miles you have used your equipment. So I checked on my Nikes.

I have 256 miles on those pair of shoes. Now most runners will debate on how many miles a pair of shoes can handle, but I have always gone with the 200-300 miles, especially since I have "foot issues".

So I write this to say, if you are having issues while running, check the shoes money!

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  1. DOH!! I think my NB 470's are coming up around the 300 mile mark. I wonder if that has anything to do with my submetatarsal bursitis...NAH!


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