Monday, October 26, 2009


Last weekend my family and I (wife) decided that we wanted to go to our college homecoming football game. My wife and I both graduated from University of Central AR in the mid 90's. My folks recently moved back to Conway about 3 years ago, so it made sense to go and see my parents and then take in the homecoming game. It has been a long time since I went to a UCA game and a lot has changed.

We got to my parents house on Sat afternoon and my sister and her family were there, so we got to spend some time with them and the boys got to see their cousins. Jesse also got to be around his aunt which doesn't happen enough. I know my mom and dad liked having all the grand kids at their house and it was weird to see all the grand kids take up the whole table, I wish i had gotten a picture of that! Anyways the older kids, uncle Greg, Pooh-pa and I went for a walk on the trail in Conway and let the kids go exploring!

We had a great time with the kids, but my sis's family had to go and we had a homecoming game to get ready for.

We got to the game midway through the 1st Qtr. UCA was already ahead 14-0, but what do you expect at a homecoming game? Things have changed since we were last there, specifically the ticket prices! $13 for adults, $9 for kids! I was shocked!! They also have installed a new big screen and done alot of work on the stadium, so it looked like a real school! But definitely not he same games we skipped out on when we were there. I would only go to the games to watch my wife dance for the dance team, then I was back at the dorm!

The game was a romp, UCA played Nichols St, I had to google it to even find out where they are from! (Somewhere in LA if you care) UCA ran it up on them, ended up being 42-13! The game was alot of fun and I am glad we went!

But I would be remiss, if I did not tell you about the funniest part of the game, well 2 parts actually. You know how in a stadium, one side will yell "GO" and the other side yells "team mascot (Bears)"?? My middle boy really got into the spirit of this yell. So the far side starts yelling "GO' and Jared starts yelling "YES", as loud as he can! He thinks they are yelling NO! It was hilarious! It took us a minute to figure out what he was doing, but man that was classic!

Now about the halftime show... they did a tribute to karaoke. Complete the twirlers, the University President helping out and the flagline, with several male flaggers. This was something new to me. They guys did a great job though, some did better than the females out there twirling their flags and umbrellas. The songs they danced to were, Sweet Caroline, YMCA, Friends in Low Places, all great karaoke songs! And then they over did it, they went and gayed up the whole production by doing "It's Raining Men"

After this, the running turned into prancing and the kicks got alittle higher, it was like someone turned it up a notch, it was their moment to shine! I gave it 2 snaps with a twist girlfriend! If being in band wasn't already cool, then it was certainly on it way!

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