Saturday, December 20, 2008

Venting about Dumb people...

You know how you are attached to certain people that you do not like but you are always around them because your kids are in the same class, or they go to the same boy scout troop together. And you know how there are just certain people you cannot stand, and probably will never like? Well I have a guy like that, and I do not like him or his kid for multiple reasons. I will call him Stuart, cause that's his name! Let me give you the latest reason.

Last night my son tested for his Green belt in Karate. They take the belt graduation very seriously. They have to do all their combinations, kicks, punches, stances, blocks, you name it they are doing it. Lots of parents videotape these classes, cause they are a big deal. But most parents find a spot and sit there filming or taking pictures, instead of running around getting in everyone's way. So this is what ole Stu is doing, remember we have had other incidents involving his idiot ass in the past, so I have no level of dealing with him. But I do not say anything. I do not even acknowledge him really until the closing section of the test.

They always close the testing session by having a photo op for the parents. this consists of the students throwing their old belts in the air similar to the way you would throw a cap at graduation. It is a cute photo and the kids like it. So my wife is ready for the picture, and the Master Instructor (he likes being called that) begins to the count. 1...2...3 and the belts go flying right as dumbass Stu jumps in front of us blocking our view.

I say "Hey" and he turns around and says "Oh I am sorry. I was trying to get a good picture." I said "Yeah so were we but you got in the way! Thanks" Then he proceeds to stand there explaining himself. Honestly I do not want to hear and and simply ignore him. It is very clear that I am ignoring him because he is still talking and I turn to my wife and begin talking.


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