Monday, June 9, 2008

Mid Year 08

Well it is hard to believe that it is June already, that half of 2008 is already gone. School is out and the heat is here.

Back in January I made some goals for 08. Goals, resolutions or whatever you want to call them and I thought I'd give a quick update.

1. In 2008 I plan on reading the Bible from cover to cover.
So far I am on track to complete this. I have a one year Bible and I am sticking to the program. I thought I lost this Bible when our luggage got lost after skiing, but our bag miraculously showed up and the Bible made it, so I did a lot of catching up, I am on track.

2. In 2008 I plan to run 200 miles, swim 100 miles and bike 50 miles.
So far I have ran 145 miles, biked 242 miles and swam 62 miles

3. In 2008 I plan on maximizing my earnings to provide for me and my family.
Still working on this one.

4. In 2008, I plan on learning a foreign language, Spanish to be exact.
Not happening, thought I would get the work to pay for it, but the budget is tight and expenses are being watched.

5. In 2008 I plan on trying to post on my blog at least once a week.

Again, I have my weeks and others I don't, you never know who is reading or not, but I will try and get better.

6. In 2008 I plan on not tying my self worth to any accomplishments, but to the effort I put into things
I am not sure what I even meant by this...

So there is my mid year update!


  1. In 2008, I promise to shop more so that I can help you accomplish goals 3 and 4.

    (Now people are really going to wonder what you do ;) )

  2. Nice work, Mr. D! Keep crossing things off your list.

    I promise to run again in 2008...probably...

  3. Mr. D? Huh???

    and you will run again in 08 because I am going to find us a run to do...


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