Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend 08!

On Saturday, the boys had a Boy Scout event that they have every year. Every year the Scouts meet at the National Cemetery on Memorial Day weekend. It is not just my sons troop, but troops from all over Shelby County meet there on the Sat before Memorial Day. The troops line up, and carry their troops flag as they march in a parade to the front of the cemetery where there is a short program. After the program, each troop is assigned so many rows and they place flags on the graves of out fallen soldiers.

It was said that there are over 40,000 soldiers buried at the National Cemetery in Memphis. Now you would think it would take forever to place flags at the headstones of all those graves, but it goes really smoothly. It is really a beautiful sight to see a flag on every single grave and to see hundreds of Scouts and their parents taking the time out of their schedule to honor these fallen soldiers.

This is one of my boys most favorite things that the scouts do. It is especially touching to see the decorated plots and to know that Scouts all over the country are also decorating and honoring soldiers across the country. I will place a picture of the cemetery after all the flags were placed soon.

My wife's grandfather is buried in the National Cemetery in our hometown. He served in 3 wars for his country. Korea, WWII and Vietnam. It was comforting to know that some random Scout was placing a flag on his grave site honoring his service to his country as well.

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