Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Woke Up this morning....

Well I woke up this morning with some serious knee pain. Last night I rode my bike on my trainer for 48 minutes covering 15 miles, all while watching Celebrity Fit Club! (and no, Celebrity Fit Club does not give me any motivation...there just is not a lot on at 11PM) Anyways, after my ride, I really felt good, no pains, even slept good!

So this morning I wake up in a little pain, but I push through the pain and go swim before work (turned in the best time ever on a mile swim-36 laps in 36:52)So after the swim, my knee felt better, like it loosened up. well later that day, the knee is painful, painful to walk on, painful to stretch out, and painful to just sit. Thankfully we had the Excedrin Back and Body pills and Flexall.

Here's the thing, I am worried about knee injuries cause I know they take awhile to heal. I have been working towards the MIM Triathlon since October and I do not want any nagging pains yet!

I am hoping that the pain is due to the repetitions on the bike and the lack of time on the bike. So time will tell...check back next time.


  1. Sorry to hear about the injury, Memphis. All my injuries have been running related, but I'm sure the recovery principles apply to any sports injury. Some pain can be safely worked through, but others need rest. An MRI is the best way to know for sure what's going on, but you might stop by and see if you can learn anything.

    Best wishes.

  2. Solomon, this was actually very cool site for me. I have been dealing with Morton's Neuroma in my feet for awhile by getting Cortisone shots between my shoes once a year! Beats surgery at least. I actually think I twisted my knee when getting off my bike and my when I went to twist my cycling shoes to release the clips, I think I did it alittle to harsh!

    Anyways the knee is feeling much better today, so hopefully taking today off from any activity will allow me to get back out and ound that pavement!

    Thanks again for the website!


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