Monday, March 3, 2008

February's Totals

Feb Totals
Bike- 8 miles
Run- 22.82 miles
Swim- 10.57 miles
Weights- 2 hours 25 minutes

2008 Totals
Bike 8 miles
Run 45.29 miles
Swim 21.65 miles


  1. This all makes my legs hurt. I don't like working out any time, but I really hate it in the winter.

    I am ready for spring and I will get back in the game.

    My goals will be a bit more along the lines of ... don't die.

    Also, I have been meaning to ask- what is MAFIA, F.I.S.T., and A.L.E.R.T.?

  2. I will email you what those groups are....


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