Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tough Talk

You know one thing I hate? Is when people talk tough or feel they need to tell someone else how tough they are. Especially if they are over 5 years old, it ain't cool, or cute by any means! It is even worse when that tough talk is done over a blog or an email. It is kind of comical to me. Don't tell me you are tough, show me. A tough guy doesn't need to brag on himself that is he tough, people will know it. I guarantee if you called this person out, they would wither like a weed. Cause you see, that is how "tough guys" are. As long as you believe that they whooped someone or that they were a champion whatever, then they feel good about themselves. But if you dare to call them out, then they make excuses.

It's kind of like grade school fights. Do you remember those? It's more of a "you do something" "No, you do something", "No, you swing first", "c'mon tough guy, you start it, I'll finish it", "whatever man, you are full of it" and they both walk away.

I admit that at times when I hear someone bragging about their toughness, that I want to call them out on t. Now I am not saying that I am some tough guy myself, I mean I have been whooped by guys have my size before, but I really want to tell them to either put up or shut up!

Now tough talk on a blog is something I find really amusing. Most of the times, these people do not want to actually fight whomever they are trying to intimidate, but they want everyone else on said blog to realize what they are saying and back them up. They are looking for acceptance among bloggers. So if I say I am going to whoop Mr. X, I guarantee I am waiting for someone (most likely a female) to come in and say "Memphis, do not waste your time with him", so see it all comes back to school yard shenanigans.

Now for the 3 or 4 people that read this, you probably know who I am talking about and I have in the past baited this person to try and say something so I could call them out, but I am not going to waste my time on him.


  1. Funny how sometimes you do not even have to mention a name! I guess my written words were just so descriptive that you knew!

  2. All right, I've had enough of you calling me out! I'm a tough guy! Come over to my blog and I will talk smack at you and will beat on you....

    Just don't try to run away, becuase I won't be able to catch up with you.

    This was directed at me...right? ;)


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