Monday, January 21, 2008

Guys Weekend

This weekend was a special for me. My wife and my oldest son were out of town and that left me with my youngest. Now typically I would say that he is more of a Mommas boy than a Dada's boy, so this gave us a lot of time to "bond". The whole reason I had him all to myself this weekend was that my wife and oldest went to her mothers house because my wife's cousin was playing against the Globetrotters. My youngest son had a Pine Wood Derby race he wanted to do, so we decided that one would go with the wife, and one would stay with me. Anyways we built the cars (yes, my oldest also got to build a car) and we were ready for the race.

Now building things is not my strong suit. So I really wasn't expecting to much from the car. It looked good, but I had no idea of the speed factor. We finally got it to weigh the 5 ounces that t legally could weigh just minutes before the race. Anyways we finished 4th overall. 26 cars and we finished 4th! So we are the alternate for the District races if someone bows out! I could really see the pride in hm after hearing we finished fourth! So we truck it on home and call the grandparents to brag and then it is a big dinner! I grill me a steak and he wants Kid Cuisine!!!

Anyways the next day (Sunday) we get up and go to church, we skipped out on Sunday School. So he sits with me in church and then we go out and eat at Chili's. Just the 2 of us. We had a good time. That afternoon he played computer games, PlayStation and Wii, only to interrupted by bouts of roughhouse time. Which I won!

Later that night, he really wanted to sleep in my bed since the wife was gone. Now to say he would sleep in the bed is not an accurate description. He flops. He twists and turns, but I gave in. I kept telling him I would get him when he went to bed, but he kept getting up and asking how much longer till I went to bed! So I asked him if he wanted to go ahead and get in my bed to sleep, which he jumped at that chance! Anyways I did not sleep much that night. He had to be touching me the entire time. Now, I do not mind snuggling with the little guy, but there is a point where I want to be released from my snuggle duties and get some sleep! I know I woke up at one point with his feet in my back! But we made it through the night and he was up bright and early. I woke up with a 6 yr old staring me in the face simply saying, "I am already dressed!"

But we did have a great weekend together, lots of fun and I know I will remember it for awhile!

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