Monday, December 10, 2007

Staying Fit

It's weird. Here lately I have been really busting my butt with exercise. I have a complete schedule, goals and training log.

Monday: swim 1000 yards in the morning, run 2 miles at night.
Tuesday: swim 1000 yards in the morning, run 3.4 miles at night
Wednesday: do nothing day
Thursday: swim 1000 yards in the morning, attend a spin class at night
Friday: swim 1000 yards in the morning, run 3.4 miles at night
Sat and Sunday are rest days.

I found a great site called, which allows you to log in your workouts. Since October I have ran 43.74 miles (4 hours and 39 minutes), I have swam 23, 400 yards (13.2 miles in 10 hours and 25 minutes). I am really interested to see what I can do in a year. I also hope it shows my boys that they should not spend all their time playing Wii, but should get out and exercise.

But you know what the training log really helps me do the most? It keeps me accountable. Now I am guessing that if you have stumble on to my little ole blog, you know that this word is of much conversation lately, especially around BBC.

Accountability, according to dictionary .com means responsibility to someone or for some activity. Accountability is a funny thing. People want to hold others accountable, but do not dare suggest that they hold themselves accountable. Many people keep asking for BBC and specifically for Pastor Gaines to be held accountable for their actions in the recent church scandal. They do not believe the apology, the admission of error or even the new policies and procedures put in place to make the church a much safer place then before are a sign of accountability. They only want to throw stones and call for their version of "accountability", yet they are free to say whatever they want on their blogs, whether it be true or blatantly false, and should not be held to any standards, any apologies, any admissions of wrong, or even try to do anything to prevent their statements from happening again.


  1. Dude...1000 yards in the pool? I hope water yards are much shorter than land yards...but I have a feeling my lack of understanding of physics is currently biting me in the backside.

    Also, I tried to find and got the runaround. did work. Didn't know if it was the one you meant or not. I'm going to try to find if that site has the same logging feature you mentioned and try to get my running shoes dusted off.

    And yes I know that exercise was not the primary point of your post. Just saying.

  2. Matt, My bad, you are correct it is

    It is a really cool site for logging miles! It also has a free feature where you can map out a run so you know the distance!

    100 yard is 20 laps in the pool. When I first started, I was doing
    3 laps!

    Always good to break out the running shoes, get your iPod, and take off, nothing better, especially in the cold and seeing all the Christmas I said, It's weird!

  3. Matt dear, I know you don't know this, but please don't add "just saying" to the end of your posts. That has a slightly, um, unpleasant connotation for some of us around here.

    Love, Wifey

  4. BePatient, we all know the actual term is "Just Sayin". And I in no way shape or form connect the two of them together, even though I hve never met Matt!

    And I meant to say earlier that 1000 yards in 20 laps in the pool.

    (I am a horrible typist!)

  5. M-

    I know, I know, I would just prefer to keep things unspoiled and pure over here!

    And I am glad to hear you are doing so well with your fitness endeavors.

    J (aka Bepatient, Tropical Punch)

  6. maybe Matt and I will go running together someday!


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