Sunday, December 9, 2007

First Post

Alright, my first post will be about the Heisman Trophy being given to Tebow from Florida. Yes, Tebow is a good college quarterback and will probably have a nother good year next year, but I do not think he should have won the Heisman. Numbers aside, he is just another flashy college QB that will not go any further in the pros. My vote (if I had one) would have been in this order: Darren McFadden, Tim Tebow, the Colt Brennen.

Colt did not play enought tough schools for me to consider him a legit Heisman canidate.

D-Mac, did it all for Arkansas. He was the QB, the RB, the WR, the KR, and I imagine he could have kicked field goals if he was asked. Not only did he have a better year this year over last year, but also remember there is another 1,000 yard back he split time with! Felix Jones!!

Well, all in all, I can name more Hesiman winners that had a horrible NFl career than I can name Heisman winners that had a great career.

DMac, thanks for all the amazing plays at the U of A, we will miss you next year, good luck with the pros (and I hope you do not go to the Dolphins!)


  1. Hey thanks for the post. I'm with you all the way on D-Mac. I guess I did sound a little harsh on Tebow. It just seems Florida (especially under Spurrier) produced alot of good "system quarterbacks" (i know, i hate that term too)...they can throw it up and get a bunch of numbers, but then dont do much in the L. I forgot about him being a Christian, which if there is anything that we need more of in pro sports it is that. I'm just bitter cause I'm anti-UF. Heres a new twist I just thought of, if you switched Brennan and Tebow, don't you think everyone would be talking about Brennan for the Heisman and Tebow would be just some qb with "happy feet" at Hawaii? Mmmm....I smell a blog post brewing out of this insanely long comment!

    Also, I could see McFadden being an LT type player in the pros.

  2. Hey I am anti Texas, anti Tenn and now of course anti ole Miss.

    I know Superior ( yeah I meant to spell it that way) produce alot of good Qb's, think of this. Which can you name more of: Heisman winners that had a good NFL career, or more Heisman winners that sucked in the NFL?


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