Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ole Eli

16-0! Many said it could not have be done. I admit at the first of the Giants Patriots game, I wondered if they G-Men would be too fired up. My wife and I were going to go to a movie on Saturday night, but she graciously agree to go see the movie (National Treasure 2, very good I might add) on Friday so that I could watch history being made!

So here we are watching the game and the Giants are playing great. The defense is awesome as expected, and Payton’s little bubby is playing ok, so I am wondering, are the Pats going to blow it? Did they make it all year without a loss to blow it when the entire country is watching? (Side note, Thank you NFL Network for letting the rest of us watch the game!) So here I am, watching the game with my father in law and my wife. My wife keeps saying to lookout for the underdog! The New York Football Giants are up by 11 in the 3rd quarter, I start to get a little worried, and then it hits me, and I worry no more.

I then remember that Eli Manning is the quarterback of the Giants and I know Eli will choke in the big game. So I tell my wife, “don’t worry, Eli will choke”. So here it comes, 1st down, Eli fumbles the snap. 2nd down Eli throws it over the guys head in a hurry. 3rd down, Eli gets scared and throws it in the dirt, uncatchable. Before you know it, Patriots are ahead and history has been written!!!!

Both Mannings could not handle the Patriots defense and I loved it! Whoo Pigg Sooiieeee!!!!!

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  1. I have nothing to offer that is on topic..

    Just wanted to say I hope you guys had a great holiday!!


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