Thursday, April 22, 2021

3 Weeks In

 Yup, that's right, I am 3 weeks into this second journey to Ironman!  Well, it's a half Ironman but it sounds a lot cooler to say "Journey to Ironman" than it does saying "Journey to half Ironman"! So, what can I update the one or two readers that still actually read blogs...

It's a lot tougher. I can say that without hesitation!  7 years and 30 lbs ago is nothing like it is now. I have been consistent in hitting my planned workouts, but I am also not sweating the one or two that I have missed. (My goal is to hit 80% of my planned workouts). In April I should hit 9,700 yards swimming, 75 miles on the bike, and 27 miles running during this first month of training.  But, I have missed a bike or run so I will get close.

Besides the obvious 7 years age difference and the obvious 30 lbs heavier than when I last completed, there is also a difference in my recovery time as well. I have been so danged tired after these first few weeks, I mean like go to bed at 9 pm tired. I also have a different drive than I did the first go-around. I mean, I KNOW I can do this, cause I have done several 70.3's. It's not a milestone like it used to be, the unknown factor of "can I actually do this" isn't there. The mental toughness has not yet come back like it did in the early years where you know you had to tough out a long run. Now I am more like "screw it, I want to walk", and that's cool with me.

When I do this race on Oct 3rd, I will have just turned 50. Just being on the starting line will be a win for me, providing I stay healthy. Just crossing the starting line and hopefully beating anyone will be a reason for me to celebrate. So this race is definitely not about winning or a time goal.

Apparently, for me, it will be all about surviving the training!

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