Thursday, September 15, 2016

I Tried the Eliiptical...and I Liked It!!

So, since my season never really got started  this year due to many things, I would think it would be a safe assumption to think I gained a few pounds. So right now my main goal has been going to the gym and now I am trying to lose a few pounds and I am doing that by swimming and cardio. I am really not into the treadmill and my knees are getting a little sore so I have found a new approach to getting in my miles.

The elliptical!

I admit, I used to think the elliptical was for old guys with bad knees and I also thought that you could not get a good workout. I really thought it was silly and the whole arm thing was a waste of time. But then to be fair, I had never actually been on an elliptical machine.

So, with me being an old guy with bad knees, I decided to give it a try after doing some internet research. (Internet research is basically useless in my opinion, I mean for every positive article I could find, I could also find a negative article).

It was actually harder than I expected. I wanted to start with 2 miles or 20 minutes. I am guessing that 2 elliptical miles does not equal 2 running miles, but I know 20 minutes is 20 minutes! I did not worry to much about calories burned or HR, I just got on it went. The surprising thing to me is how tough it was to use the arms of the machine. It really gave them a workout so much that I did not use them most of the time. The impact on my knees was nothing, but I think there is some benefit to this machine. So I will continue to use the machine at least twice a week, I will be hitting the pool twice a week, and I will be running on Saturdays.  Plus, I am still hitting the weight room every other day.

So, that is my plan. It's something new, it's something I can look forward too!

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