Monday, July 11, 2016

Mr. Brownstone

I have been a horrible blogger lately. Just haven't had the gumption to write about anything! (gumption is a Southern word which means motivation). Also when I am not blogging, it is probably a good bet that I am not training. The other day I heard a song on the radio and there is a line that describes me most mornings.

I get up around seven
Get outta bed around nine
And I don't worry about nothin' no
Cause worryin's a waste of my, time

The old line from the GNR classic Mr. Brownstone (and only that line applies here). I just have not been able to get up in the morning and get things done. So like any good triathlete, I end up punishing myself by going out to run in the 5 PM Memphis heat. Now if you have never been to Memphis in the summer, then let me explain to you that it gets hot! The heat index has been topping out well over 100 most days and the humidity is fierce! So needless to say my runs have been slow.

But, I am running.

Another thing I have been doing lately is hitting the weight room. Getting swole Baby! I really wanted to just get my knee stronger, so I really went to build back the muscle, but I hate doing legs, so I started adding some upper body. I also think it I can get my upper looking good, then my FAT GUT won;t look as bad!

Yeah, I have gained a few. I weighed the other day at 202.8 lbs. I did my IM at 183 lbs. That extra 20 lbs is what probably hurt my knee! I even have pants that don't fit right anymore! This is not good.

So, as I sit here eating Tootsie rolls (I know, but I love the flavored ones like lime, cherry and grape) I need to come up with a plan to drop weight and bring sexy back! And the best way I know to do that is to get back on a run streak and start eating sensibly again. I need to drink water and all that stuff also. SO let's get the started, it will not be so much of an Ironman journey anymore as much as a weight loss journey now.

180's, here I come!

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