Monday, September 7, 2015

44 Years Old Today!

Well today, Sept 7, is my birthday. I turned 44 today. I remember when that used to sound so old to me, but that is so not the case any longer. I was trying to put it in perspective so I decided to look for some other things that are turning or are 44. Here are some famous folks that are 44: Marky Mark AKA Mark Wahlberg, Meghan Kelly, Kid Rock is 44. Jeremy Renner and Matt Damon from the Jason Bourne movies are both 44.

A lot of other cool stuff also happened on Sept 7 throughout history: The Beatles first appeared on US television on Sept 7 1963, same day the Pro Football Hall of Fame opened. The People's Court made it debut on Sept 7, 1981. And of course, JFORD arrived on Sept 7, 1971, so all in all, it is a pretty good day and year if I do not say so myself. So How did I celebrate this day?

Well, first off I arranged for the entire USA to get a day off from work! After that, I was able to sleep into till a little after 8 AM!  It was glorious and felt great. Then my wife and I got up and headed to the pool for a swim. A 1000 yard swim this morning. (I almost had a blog post about a lady hogging a swim lane when she was walking half the lane, which really ticked me off, but I am staying positive in my old age) After a good swim, we went to the weight room together. This was the first time in a weight room for me in a long time. I mostly did my ab workout, but I did try and use some machines while I was there.

Later we came home did some chores and then we just could not wait any longer and had to dive into the cookie cake my wife got me. It was delicious! We then opened presents, and I got a lot of cool Arkansas Razorback stuff, which I really needed. I am also getting a new Garmin 910XT, which should be here by the end of the week.

I am really excited to get this new watch. I have read review after review on it and it sounds awesome. I am looking forward to using it in the pool and running.  I am sure it has so many things on it that I will actually need to read the book to figure it all out, but I can't wait. I already feel faster after just ordering it! I am sure I will be posting more about it once I have it in my hands!

I have been dabbling with a new program called Periscope, this is a program that lets you broadcast from anywhere. I mostly have been just using the hashtag #DailyTrainings and then talking about my posts. I am not sure how often I will use it, or ho long I will continue to broadcast, but it is a pretty neat app.



  1. Happy birthday my friend! 910XT sounds like a good celebratory piece of kit :D

  2. Happy Birthday, and thanks for the day off :)

  3. Welcome To The 44 Club You 1971 Devil You….. Cheers


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