Monday, May 4, 2015

Let's Get Caught Up...

Every time that I try to commit to blogging more, it seems that commitment has the opposite effect to my blogging! All though, in my defense, I have had a lot going on and I am going to share today! Here are the top things going on m=in my life and why I have not blogged in awhile.

  1. We moved! My family moved to a new house in late April. We added a couple of bedrooms, a dining room, pantry and more space. We are loving it! It already feels like home to me, now if I can just get rid of all the boxes!
  2. We got a new King size bed and I am loving it! It is so comfortable. I can't wait to go to bed at night to sleep!
  3. We also got a new couch which is also very comfortable! See pics below.
  4. My son Jared was in a school play and my wife was the "play mom", so they were out of pocket practicing everyday for awhile, so it was just me and my two boys most evenings. The play was excellent and of course my son did a great job!
  5. Birthdays! In the past 2 weeks, my son Jared, my mom, my niece and my grandmother all had birthdays in April! Crazy huh?
  6. NBA Playoffs are on!  I love the Playoffs! I only wish my Grizzlies could get past the Warriors!
  7. Ceiling fans! I have been hanging ceiling fans in my house with the help of my new neighbor! I am not a handyman, so I have needed the extra knowledge to get this done.

So I have my first sprint triathlon in about 11 days from now. I am worried about how I will do. I have not been hitting my workouts like I should have and I have been blaming the move. Whether or not that is a legitimate excuse, it is what it is. I am still looking forward to the race and I know I will finish it, but after all is said and done, I am thankful to be able to race and I am going to have a great time!

The right way to use a couch

The Proper way to use a couch


  1. Sometimes it's easy for the blog to become "just one more thing" on the list. Just remember it's for relaxation and fun... the internet couch ;)

    Good luck at the race, I know the feeling!

  2. Congrats on the new house. When mud hits the white couch, you better write about it! I have a dark leather sofa and for as long as I have boys, that's about as close to white as I can get. I love the play offs too but the Spurs are out. They're my team. The Rangers are losing too so all of my sports fun is losing momentum.

  3. Moving sucks! I should know 8 times in 15 years!


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