Thursday, August 28, 2014

4 Years Ago???

This happens to me a lot. When people learn that I am doing a race, or realistically when I tell people who don't really ask me that I am doing a race, one of the first questions I am asked is this? What is your goal time? Normally it is not a big deal and without hesitation I always fall back on my PR for that distance. But lately, I have been asking myself, How long can I hang on to the PR?

For those of you that might not know, PR stands for "personal record". It is the fastest time that one has raced that particular distance of a race.

I started looking back at my PR's. While they are not that impressive to many, here they are as best I could locate them (who am I trying to fool, every runner/triathlete KNOWS their PR's better than the kids birthdays right?)

5K-   23:43  March 2012
10K- 52:26  February 2012
1/2 Marathon- 1:56 March 2010
Marathon- 5:01 December 2012

Olympic Triathlon- 2:47 May 2012
Half Ironman - 6:09 Sept 2012
Ironman - 15:53 Sept 2013 (1st one is always a PR)

So here is my question. Can I still claim a PR for something 4 years ago? And if I can, how depressing is that? Maybe I should just change it to PB (personal best) and forget the whole 4 year old personal record. I know the old saying that records are meant to be broken, but 4 years ago I was 4 years younger than I am now! :)  So is it fair to hang on to it?

I know in the long run, this does not matter, and it shouldn't really I guess. This is just something that crossed my mind and got stuck. So let me ask you blog reader, how long do you claim your PR??? 


 I think I want a new PR...

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  1. Wow, I guess I've never really thought of it. I had a great season last year, and PR'd every race I did, with the exception of 1, so none of mine are more than a year old. This year has been a completely different story though. I would claim for as long as you want to :)


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