Monday, June 2, 2014

Why Do I Blog? For a SUB 1:20!!!!!

Why do I blog?

I ask myself this occasionally whenever it has been awhile since I last posted. Do I blog so that I can let more people like I have a "FaceBook" life? (You know, a life where I always tell you the good things in my life or the things I am doing that are great but try to downplay it)Do I do it for web hits and comments? I admit that in the beginning, I was all about post views and how many comments a post got. The more comments, the better I was. But lately, things have changed and I think I am blogging for a totally unrelated reason.

Now do not get me wrong, I like knowing that people are actually reading this blog, it still surprises me actually. I also do like to hear peoples thoughts on my posts as long as they agree with me. But lately, this blog is not really aimed at getting likes or posts or whatever. It is more about keeping myself motivated, which as you know has been an issue for me.

It seems that every time I come to this blog, I end up leaving more motivated than before. It is a place where I can bang out my thoughts (I am a horrible typer or typist, I don't know). Sometimes it does give me inspiration to read all the misspelled words I am putting out there for all to see. It is an accountability thing as well.

Because I know that if you stumbled on to Daily Trainings, then you are or have gone through some of the same things I am talking about. You most likely have had the same struggles as me, the same disappointments, missed as many workouts or just did not feel like working out, or even wondered if you could really accomplish the task before you. Or, Or if you have not gone through these obstacles, I bet you will.

For me it is sometimes about answering my own problems. It seems alittle weird to call them problems, cause in the grand scheme of things, these don't really matter, but we all have issues and hangups and we all have funks. I know that this blog is all about staying out of my funk and moving forward because I know someone will read it. It may just be my mom, but I know someone will read these words. And I know it is good to give myself a kick in the butt occasionally and maybe someone else will get that same kick.

Now I got to go swim. I have a race I signed up for and I would like to hit a PR. I am racing the Mighty Mite Sprint Triathlon on July 18. (1/3 mile swim, 13 mile bike, 3 mile run) This is the 1st sprint distance I have done in over 2 years, all my other races have been Oly to HIM to IM, so I would really like a good showing. My previous PR on this course is 1:20:44 set in 2009 (wow, that will be tough) So that is my goal, SUB 1:20!!! There I put it out there.

P.S. Stay tuned for a product review coming soon and giveaway!!!!!!!


  1. Man, this sounds like it could be a post on my blog! I started for the same reason you did, seem to have the same issues with motivation, and now I do it more a journal and accountability thing for myself as well. So, here's hoping you throwing it out there leads to a PR!

    1. Glad to know I am not the only one! LOL


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