Monday, October 28, 2013

Ragnar Relay TN 2013

This weekend I ran in the Ragnar Relay, this was my first time and I had no idea of what it meant to really run Ragnar! If you are not familiar with this race, it consists of 12 people, 2 vans and 196.1 miles of running. So basically, we were in 2 vans, 6 runners a piece and we were all assigned different legs of the race with distances that ranged from 3 to 9 miles. We started at 7 AM and ran until we stopped, which ended up being 33 hours later. Oh yeah, we started in Chattanooga and ran to Nashville!!!

I was lucky enough to be runner #7, so I got to be the first runner of van 2. I figured I since I was coming off Ironman (Yes, I can work it into to any conversation), I figured I would be in great shape to run. Of course I really did not factor any recovery time into this equation, but I figured a 5.3 mile hard run, a 6.5 mile hard run and a 5.9 mile hard run would be that bad. I was really worried about my speed (which is gone), but I wanted to set the tone right for my van.

This elevation map is wrong, it seemed straight uphill!

Run #1
Like I said, it was a simple 5.3 mile run. I was starting it at around 11 AM in the morning and the temps were in the 40s. Perfect running weather. One problem though. It was straight uphill for about 3 miles or so. Very tough run. 1 hour and 2 seconds, so I was pleased with that effort, but man it killed my legs.

Run #2
It was not as bad as run one, it was longer (6.5 miles), but I started that run around 11 PM and it was in the upper 20's that night and dark! It wasn't a bad run overall and I actually felt pretty good for the most of it. It was just a cold, dark, lonely run. This run took me 1:05:56

Run #3
This was a 5.9 mile run, but it was the hardest. Factor in no sleep, not eating great and feeling queasy at the beginning, made for a long 5 miles. It had a lot of rolling hills on it which were not happening for me as far as running goes, so I walked more than I wanted to. This leg took me 1:06:52.

So overall thoughts on Ragnar:
  • It was a lot of fun now that it is over!
  • I got to be part of a great team with some great people. I had a lot of fun getting to know my "van-mates" and cheering them on.
  • There were over 220 teams running this race!
  • We did not win
  • It was easy to tell the veterans of this race vs. the newbies
  • Some of the van decorations were awesome
  • I got zero sleep and I did not eat well enough either!  My fault on the eating
  • It was nothing like I expected.
  • I made some good friends
I really could go on and on about the people I was with, they were great, and that would be the key to anyone considering this race in the future, make sure you run with good people! Here are some other pictures my teammates took!

My Ragnar Team Eric, Amy, Dwight, John, Mike, Heather B, Justis, Mel, Todd, Heather L, Handley and me


Dwight, Handley and me

Eric took a selfie on his run

Dwight and Handley

Me and Eric

Mel V waiting on me to get up that hill

john, Eric, Any, Todd and Handley

Me and Todd, He had a monster hill to climb as well

We all signed the wall once we conquered!

My cheesy Olympic medal biting tradition picture

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  1. While I've always wanted to do a relay event, I'm such a sucktastic runner that I'd never feel right joining a team where I was the dead weight. Sounds like a really fun time though!


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