Monday, September 2, 2013

Taper Time, It's Taper Time!

Crap, it's taper time. I hate the taper, although I know it is a much needed time. I spent this labor day weekend finishing my long workouts. Friday was a 4000 yard swim, Sat was my first century ride and Monday morning was suppose to be a 12-15 mile run, which turned out to only be 11 miles (but, I am OK with that).

I feel like I have had some strong workouts in July/Aug. I have been peaking in other words. Here are my July/Aug numbers:

Swim-  20,400 yards
Bike-  283.84 miles
Run- 54.88 miles

Swim- 19,100 yards
Bike- 359.59 miles
Run- 60.91 miles

My biggest month's by far. So Am I ready?


I mean, I believe I am. My only goal is to finish. I feel good about the swim. I feel good about the bike and eating on the bike, and I feel OK about the run/walk. I have a plan in place that I want to execute to get me to the finish line. So in other words, I think I am prepared. I am prepared for:

1. It's going to be a long day.
2. I am prepared for what I want in my specials needs bag on both the bike and the run.
3. I am prepared for it to be painful.
4. I am prepared for me to want to stop at some point.
5. I am prepared for all the awesome ideas I know I will have out on the course.
6. I am prepared to know I have no set time goals on any segment.
7. I am prepared to get an IV at the finish line!
8. I am prepared to represent my God, my  family, the G.I. Jess Warriors team & my friends well.
9. I am prepared for the satisfaction of completing the race.
10. I am prepared to find out I am not as prepared as I think.

I am excited. The hard work is done. It's time t not go crazy for the next few weeks. It's time.

I can't wait!


  1. I'm sure you've gotten lots of advice for race day. Here's some that I got that was helpful to me so I'll share.

    Plan ahead for what you can think about during the long ride to occupy your mind during the bike ride. Inspirational things. I expected 8 hours for my ride so I had a list of 8 things to think about like my kids graduations and weddings. Stuff to remind me of why I was doing this.

    Enjoy the taper and have a good race!

  2. Woohoo! Enjoy your taper! You are going to prepared to achieve a huge goal!

  3. Sounds like you are ready!! Good Luck can't wait to hear all about it!!

  4. I haven't done a full IM yet but the advice I'm going to take to my first IM (whenever it happens) is to worry about what you need right now to keep moving. Hyrdation, fuel, salt, whatever. Don't worry about the bike while swimming, don't worry about the run while biking. All in due time.

  5. I'm excited to follow your race! Looks like you're ready, that you've done all you can do! Now it's your turn Jford!! Go out there an cross that finish line.

    P.S. and Mike above is right. One step at a time.

  6. Good luck out there. Just be prepared to enjoy the day :)

  7. Many prayers and best wishes for a restful taper and solid race day and the travels in between. You've put in the work. Now is time to reap the rewards.


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