Tuesday, September 10, 2013

11 Days Out...

So I am 11 days out from Redman. I bet you will not guess what the most common question I have been getting over the last two days is???

Are you scared to death about the race???

Scared to death? I can't say I am scared at all. I have concerns about the race, but I am really not scared. But if I am honest, there is one thing that I fear doing, and it is having to make that phone call about being a DNF.

It has happened before in Branson. My first ever attempt at a 70.3. 5 flats took me out. Stupid rim tape. I am the only one to blame since I was the one that change the rubber on my tires. This year I am having a bike shop change my tires!  LOL  I know, it's weak, but it will be one less thing to worry about.

I also hate reading about other people nutrition plan. Some of these people are so detailed that it makes me second guess my own plan!  Bradleyd3 from Brad's Ironman Journey has already told me to get off the internet and train! Which I am starting to think might be a good idea. Some of these people have their nutrition down to 3 spoonfuls of peanut butter and a cup of applesauce in the morning... Crazy!!!

My plan is so simple compared to that, and that freaks me out a little. I am looking forward to the swim and the bike somewhat (although I hear the road conditions might be a little rougher than desired) but I am dreading the run.

4 loop course. A little more than 8 5K's. It is going to be mentally challenging. I plan on some walking.

They also just announced bib numbers!  I am number 65 in the full distance triathlon!!

I am also just ready for it to get here and let me do this. It has been a long time in training. A long time thinking about it and I really want to just get it going! That's normal right? So I am gonna go old school on you...



  1. Before I did my Ironman, I was going psycho. I settled myself down with the idea that the battle was me against myself. If I followed the plan, I would have success.

    I kept saying "It is me vs. me, follow the plan." Did that throughout the whole race right up to the victory celebration.

    You've got this.

  2. Brad is right. Geez, did I really just say that out loud?? I read more race recaps and stories than I care to admit before Louisville. Always wondering why my game plan wasn't so scientific. The bottom line is your calorie intake an hour. How you get those calories is up to you and your stomach. On the bike I ate, Nutella sandwiches, a few of those uncrustables cause they're super easy to eat and carry, I ate some Lay's chips, banana's but my meat and potato base for every hour was at least one GU and 1 salt tab. Everything else could have been anything.

    You shouldn't be scared although I know you're not. You'll get that finish and that medal and all will be well with the world....till about 2 weeks later and you'll wonder why you aren't doing anything anymore hahahah :)

  3. In my old age I am getting more prepared for the unknown. I now carry: multi tool, extra tire, two tubes, chain link, 3 CO2, and guess what I am adding to next years 6 on 6..... rim tape.
    Most of that is easily stuffed in pockets and the stuff you are real happy to have in case of problem.
    I have also completed an IM with nothing.... LUCKY!!

  4. You have to do what works for you - period. You've been training for months now and working it all out. If it's working, just trust the training and nutrition. Looks like the heat wave across the Midwest is finally going to break later this week, so hopefully it stays cooler and you get great weather. It's close - you are ready!

  5. You've got this. Doubt is normal as is stressing over the details. I've never done a full IM but the best advice I've read is to stay in the moment and don't worry about what is next. On the swim, think about being smooth and long in the water, don't think about the bike and it will come in due time and you'll have plenty of time to think about it then. On the bike think about what you need now, do you need to drink, take in calories, increase cadence or lower heart rate, the run will come in due time and you will have plenty of time to think about the run during the run. On the run, think about keeping moving forward, taking in hydration to thirst and nutrition per your plan and high five the kids, take in the experience, and smile as you are about to accomplish a HUGE goal.

  6. Keep it simple dude. I am on a FB page for the IM I am doing in a couple of months and it amazes me the stupid crazy things people do for nutrition? This shit ain't rocket science. You are simply doing a swim, bike and run. If your nutrition plan is easy then it is probably right. Will see ya in OKC, I am #436 and am hoping the road condition are not as bad as being reported (-:


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