Thursday, August 15, 2013

Oh Yeah, There Is A Run Involved!

This may be a rookie mistake, but I have been so focused on my biking for Redman, that I feel like I have neglected my running. This is not to say that I have not been running, I mean I hit almost 60 miles last month, and will probably go over that mark in August. What I am saying is that my longest run to date has only been 11 miles!!  And that is starting to concern me.

My concern is this: I wanted to be so ready for the bike because I know bike fitness is very important on the run. No bike fitness, no run finish is the way I see it. So I have really been concerned with my bike miles and time on the saddle. Worse case scenario is that I end up walking a majority of the run. This is not what I want.

Now I plan on walking some, I am not in an unrealistic state of my fitness. I just want it to be a planned walk rather than I hafta walk. So I figure I have 3, maybe 4 weeks of training left before taper and here is what I want to accomplish.

  1. 100 mile ride on my Specialized Transition Elite
  2. 15+ mile run in my Brooks Glycerin
  3. 4500 yd swim with my Zoggs goggles
  4. medium bike/short run brick using my Timex Global IM Trainer
This is all doable, and when I hit these marks, I know I will feel more confident at exactly the right time going into Redman.

***I have a couple 4000 yd swims done already, I have an 11 mile run and a 71 mile run already under my belt, so don;t worry about me going to far too fast***

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  1. I'm by trade a runner and I found that I got so focused on biking that the longest run I was 15 miles. I just couldn't get past it. I've run a marathon on only 13 miles of training so I kinda fell back on that as my excuse. Nothing I can do about it now is there? HAHAHA!

    Do what you can, when you can. You're right though, the bike is where its at!


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