Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Ramblings and Winner Announced!

Alright, the winner of the Sync Hydration Belt from Profile Design is...

Big Daddy Diesel!!!!!

Congrats BDD! If you will email me at, I will send you some information about sizing and colors for you to choose your belt! Also if you are not familiar with BBD's blog, check it out by clicking here: TRI DIESEL

Thanks to everyone that read and entered! Profile Design makes a lot of great products, so be sure and support them in all your racing needs!

Other Ramblings:
I am making another change to my workout schedule, getting to tough to work it all in, so I am doing away with my Friday rest day. I am moving a swim over to Friday. Overall, I do not think this will make to much of an impact on my recovery days due to the way everything is spaced out.

Wednesday on my run, I was able to consistently hit a cadence of 90 throughout my run in my Brooks Glycerin 10s. I have been working towards a cadence of 90, and felt good to hit it. The run felt good and effortless.

This morning I wore my Timex Global Trainer in the pool for the first time. I know it says it is waterproof, but there is always that doubt in my mind. So, I tried it and it worked great. My next step is to try it in my swim cap so I can use it to chart distances.

Sunday, I am running the Germantown Half Marathon. This will be the third time I have raced this event. I am not sure how I will do because my focus has been the Memphis in May Olympic Triathlon training plan and my longest run has been 9 miles. My PR is 1:57 and last year I hit 2:07, so anywhere between those times will be great!

The kids were on Spring Break this week and it really made training harder. Normally I am up, done with workouts and back to take them to school by 7:20. Without the time goal of 7:20, I thought, well I do not need to get up as early as normal since I do not have to be back! WRONG!!! Stick to the plan JFord! That is what this Spring Break taught me.

Overall training is going well. My core workouts are really paying off also. I can feel the benefit of the crunches while swimming specifically!

Thanks to the new followers of Daily Trainings! Glad to have you!

Next week, Daily Trainings will have another awesome giveaway! This is definitely one you will want to be entered in!


  1. This may seem like a dumb question and it probably is but do you have a way of calculating your cadence while you're running? I know how to do it in small segments but not over time. There's probably some gadget for it.

    I did the Memphis in May Triathlon last year. Have you done that one before? The cool part is that you can touch the bottom pretty much anywhere during the swim. It sure doesn't look that way when you look out onto the water but I could put a toe down in most spots and I'm 5'9". The race was really well run. It was 90 on race day last year and I remember being super impressed by all the ICE and water along the run course. Not to mention sprinklers they had set up.

    1. I go old school and just count.It may not be perfect but I count throughout my run to see where I am!

      Yes, I love the Memphis in May Tri! I am doing it again this year, the new venue is a lot better than the former sport. Are you doing it this year?

  2. I'll have my first DNS on Sunday for the Germantown Half. But, I'm volunteering so look for the girl in the boot! I'd love to meet you!

    1. I look for anyone wearing a boot, and although I did not meet you, I met a nice woman named Susan that also is wearing a boot!

  3. Bummer! I'm glad BDD won, but I SO wanted it!

    Good work on your running cadence. That's sweet! I bet those shoes are freaking nice too. Brooks rocks!

    Good luck on Sunday!

    1. Sorry you didn't win Matt, but there is another giveaway next week, so tune in please! I love Brooks shoes as well!

  4. Thank you for holding this giveaway!!

    I hope your race went well


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