Thursday, November 8, 2012

Post Election Thoughts, That Have Nothing To Do With The Election!

So, I have had some time to reflect since the election, my guy lost BTW, and the sun did come up the next day! So that was good. I had thought about doing a post election complaint post, but America has too many people whining and complaining, so I am going to be a good "Merican" and be a good husband, father, will work hard and prep for my 1st IM in 2013.So with that, here are some ramblings that have nothing to do with 4 more years of poor economic growth and the demise of America:

  1. I am ready to start back with S/B and R! The marathon training has been going fairly well I think, but I do miss swimming and biking. I have not rode Stella since Sept and once a week swimming is not cutting it.
  2. After my marathon, I am really thinking of getting into the weight room some, if my wrists will allow me too. I think December might be a good time to "lift things up and put them back down!" Maybe I even start that core regiment we all want to start.
  3. I really wanted to grow my hair longer, but there is way too much grey coming in! Wonder of I am worried about something??? The grey really shows up when my hair is longer, so by the time this publishes, JFORD might be rockin a new doo!
  4. I am very appreciative to everyone that donated money to St Jude's Hospital and supported me through the marathon, I have surpassed my goal and I humbly say Thank You!
  5. One of my favorite TV Shows right now is Sons of Anarchy, love that show!
  6. I am still waking up at 4:45 AM, which my body thinks is 5:45 thanks to Daylight Savings Time.
  7. I have finally decided on my marathon goal time for 2012. Last year I finished in 6:08, and I am planning on blowing that out of the water.
  8. Work is about to get crazy! Crazy whack funky! Retail+Black Friday = NUTS!!!!
  9. Another favorite TV show is Duck Dynasty, although it is hard to believe all the stuff they get into is not setup. Doesn't matter, Si and Jase make me laugh.
  10. I need to start looking forward to my 2013 race schedule. I think I want to participate in a relay this year, that'd be fun!

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  1. Just make sure it is in fact a "new" hair doo. Your 80's mullet needs to stay retired.


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