Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Top 3 Race Rules!

Have you seen these shirts? I am seeing them all the time now, they are everywhere. They are even being worn at races. I guess someone thinks it is funny to wear this shirt to a race but I hate it. I want to ask them why they are even at a race if it sucks so bad, or maybe they suck at running? Either way it doesn't matter.It got me thinking about other things that disturb me at races and while there aren't many, I do have a few rules I always follow at races and I am about to share them with you, so gather round.

Rule #1: Already covered. Don't wear that shirt.

Rule #2: No one, and I mean no one in a dew rag beats me! One race I was at, there was a guy rockin a dew rag calling himself "The Jackrabbit" cause he speeds out of the gate. I kept my eye on him.

Rule #3: No costumes beat me. I will not get beat by a giant hot dog. It won't happen, it can't happen. If that ever happens to me, I will be crushed and will hang up my running shoes.

Those are my 3 basic rules of running. My 3 rules. Not the only rules of running as there are many, many more. I also picked my top 10 unwritten rules or running, which I will now write out, so they are not unwritten anymore I guess.

  1.  Run against traffic. Nothing concerns me more than to see a runner running with traffic. How do you see the cars behind you???
  2. Run on the right of trails and path. It's just the standard practice, I do not know why.
  3. Do not run more than 2 across, it's annoying to others that try to pass.
  4. If invited to run with someone, then run with them, at their pace.
  5. Groups runs = no iPod. It's just rude.
  6. Acknowledge other runners. Motorcycles do it, Jeeps do it and runners will also feel snubbed if you do not acknowledge them as part of the brotherhood of running.
  7. Stand still at red lights. No one wants to see you bouncing up and down at the light, if you need to  stop your watch and wait for your turn.
  8. Warn before passing. I am not a big fan of this, but sometimes, I spit loud enough for them to know I am behind them, or coming up on them. I might also cough, I do not always give the cycling "on your left" shout out.
  9. Farts Happen. Just make sure it is only a fart!
  10. Run on inner lanes, walk on the outer lanes (this only applies to indoor tracks obviously, and when the temps are 30 below and snowing, otherwise, get outside and run)
So there are my rules and other rules I have found. Do you have any specific rules for race day or training? If so, let's hear them!  But, please, no running sucks shirts! If you need a shirt to wear, wear this one instead:

BOOM! Now do not get all sensitive
 about joggers on me, it's a joke!
P.S. A giveaway is coming up very soon involving SockGuy socks!  I love these socks! Stay tuned!


  1. I have one of those Running Sucks shirts. I don't wear it to races though. I'm an English teacher, and to me it's a paradox...because to me, running definitely does NOT suck! :)

    1. My wife is an English prof as well, but you would never know by my blog! I do not let her grade/proofread many of my posts! LOL

  2. Replies
    1. BDD, I admit sometimes it is hard to tell my running from my jogging!

  3. I want one, could be the poster boy for it.

    BTW: I ran the Disney half a few years ago and one of the elites did it dressed as tinkerbell. Very disheartening to see an Asian guy with a mustache dressed liked that with wings and all running at 5min/miles coming back while you are still going out.

    My daughter said "what do you expect? Tinkerbell can really fly."

    1. I start so far back that I never even see the elites!

  4. hahah... I am wearing a costume at MCM this year. But it's not a giant hot dog :)

    1. I will add this disclaimer, if it is a race that encourages costumes, then by all means, dress accordingly, but I still refuse to get beat by a giant hot dog!

  5. Good rules! I acknowledge everyone. Walkers, runners, cyclists, etc. even driving through the neighborhood I wave at just about everyone. My kids use to ask who I was waving at and after years of saying I had no idea I was just being friendly, they stopped asking :-)


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