Friday, October 19, 2012

Marathon Training Leads To Weird Thoughts...

Today was the first time I have been back in the pool since my last HIM in early September. Ever since that race, I have been focused on one thing, running. I do not want a repeat of last year and a 6 hours marathon. So everything has been run, run, run , run and more running. And more running, leads to me thinking, which can be good, but can be bad.

This has brought me ten (10) thoughts. I will share them now:

  1. It is so much harder for me to get up out of bed when I am just running. 
  2. I have felt a lot better physically lately, and I have no idea if it is because I am only running or not, just something to think about.
  3. My bike is on the trainer in the hallway upstairs, every time I walked past her, I pat her on the seat, not in a creepy kind of way, but in an "I miss you" kind of way.
  4. I was looking at my past goals, and in 2008, my goals were to run 200 miles and bike 50 miles!
  5. I will be glad when the election is over.
  6. If PBS funding gets cut, can we expect more fundraisers on there, since that is all I ever see on PBS after 6PM?
  7. When running and training for a triathlon, I do not like to use music, but training for a marathon has to have music.
  8. I am not a big fan of running in the early morning cold and dark.
  9. I am a big fan of the following new TV shows: Revolution and the Last Resort.
  10. I have really missed the pool.
Today's swim, while it was only 1000 yards (18:10 BOOM!), it was still a great getaway. I miss the pool. I do not want to take steps backwards on swimming. In 2008, I swam 1000 in 24 minutes! So I am definitely going to step up and get a couple swims in during the week to add to my running. Now I need to work in biking!

The SockGuy sock giveaway is in the book and the winners will be announced by Monday morning. Then, I have another giveaway coming up, it's like Christmas in October on Daily Trainings! 


  1. Great to see you today at the pool. 2013 will be a big year for you. Looking forawrd to seeing your progress. Don't let thed bike get too lonely in the hallway!

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