Monday, October 29, 2012

Kona and Cold Weather Running

Like many of you, I watched the 2012 Ironman World Championships on Saturday and dreamed of one day making it there to race. Overall, I really thought the coverage was really good and I totally enjoyed it. With that being said, here are a few observations I had while watching it:

Chris "Macca" McCormack has some really, really white teeth! Did you see those suckers shining, no glowing? The man has nothing on Joe Biden's choppers!

Leanda Cave looked like she is a really tall chick!  And the lighting on her interviews reminded me of the commercials that used to run that showed the residual soap left behind from normal soaps. You remember those?

I also heard that this year, every athlete made the swim cutoff!  That is too cool!

Sure wish Lance had raced.

I also liked hearing about the pre race rituals of the pros, from their eating habits, to haircuts and the hectic schedule they have. It even gave me a great idea from Crowie! No, that is not Craig Alexander in the picture, that is your truly, but I could see how you could make that mistake. I liked the way he had his iPod on his visor, with the earbuds wrapped behind his head intertwined in his visor. When I ran Sunday, I think it made me faster.

I also liked seeing less of the AG storyline. I thought this year they made it more about racing, which was cool.

Hines Ward will not be a good Ironman spokesperson. I have my doubts on him finishing! But all in all, it really fired me up and got me even more excited for my first 140.6 next year! I can't wait.

Cold Weather Running:
On Sunday morning, it turned cold in Memphis, we're talking 30 degree weather. Now in Memphis, that could possibly shut down some schools due to those kinds of temps. We are not used to it. It did warm up to be a really nice day by around 2 o'clock though.

So Monday morning, I was scheduled to do 5 miles for my marathon training. This run will put me over last years run total already, so I was fired up for it! The only thing I was not fired up for was the temperatures. It was 37 degrees at 5:45 AM. That sucks! I always have trouble knowing what to wear in cold weather, I always either get too hot or I freeze! But today, I made the correct choices.

Running pants, a sleeveless shirt, a dry tech shirt over it, arm warmers and a skull cap was perfect for 30 degree weather.The only other thing I thought I might have need would have been light weight gloves, but my hands get warm, so I am glad I did not have any. I seriously thought about going to the gym and hitting the treadmill, but I just couldn't do it, or wouldn't. I did not want my run that passed last years total mileage to be on a treadmill, that just wouldn't be as hardcore as running in 30 degree temps. I guess this is what the weather is going to be for the next few months, cold and dark in the morning, but this is also where PR's are set right? When it is cold, dark and nasty outside, right?? My next run on Wed will also put me over 100 miles running for October. I am starting to feel good about my marathon coming up and starting to really get excited about the possibility of beating my previous (and only) marathon time by a significant amount, and I do not think I can get there on a treadmill, so I have another month of running in the dark, cold mornings of Memphis looking at me.


  1. Don't you just love TN weather...

    I do find that once I get used to it I enjoy running in the cold more than in the humid soup of summer.

    1. I totally expect to have to dig out some shorts sooner rather than later, Christmas might be 60 degrees!


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